Monday, July 2, 2012

So we had a small turnout, so instead of racing, we decided to get everyone working a stop together with the racers that showed up and do the race as a group ride and it was a great time.  We climbed a lot of stairs, went through a couple tunnels, took a diversion or two, and had a pretty good afterparty with burgers, beer, and a trip to the K.S.W.A wrestling match aftewards.  Here's a few photos from the event.
Frazier St Stairs

Bently St Stairs to Aliquippa St

Really grown in on  Bently St Stairs to Aliquippa St 

Small diversion to a hidden shrine to the virgin mary in south oakland.

Bigelow Blvd tunnel in polish hill


Swag Box

Thanks Urban Velo for a couple shirts and magazines!

I made prints of the "stairs closed" picture for a few prizes

Had a few wrapped mystery prizes, this is one of those...

Thanks to FIKS: Reflective for a set of reflective rim strips.

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Start Location! We are going to move the start location from arsenal park to under the 40th st bridge due to the 4th of July festival happening at the park.  I'll have someone at the 40th st entrance to Arsenal to direct people to the new meetup spot in case they don't know about the new spot.

Here's a google map link if you really need it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chutes and Ladders Alleycat

Saturday, June 30th, 2012
Meet in Arsenal Park, by the 40th st entrance
Pittsburgh, PA

Facebook Event Link: 

Q:Will I have to walk up stairs?

Q:Will I have to carry my bike up stairs?

Q: Can I just climb the stairs, go back down, and get back on my bike?
A: NO, you'll have to climb or descend any stairs with your bike.

Q: Can I ride my bike down stairs?
A: NO, you may be confident in your ability to do that, but other people are going to be on the stairs.

Q: Will there be fabulous prizes for the winner?
A: No, this is for fun, but there might be something interesting for the winners / participants.

More info to come...